Dear Lion Friends, Parents and Youths;

Our Lions 118-T Youth Exchange and Study Tour Around West of Turkey Camp is ready for your kind applications every year at the same date. You may find general info about our last camp, 28th Youth Exchange Camp of Lions 118-T in General info page. The camp of next year will be similar with last camp, nearly same date with the same program.

You may find photographs from our last camp in following pages. You may have an idea about our program through these photographs. 

Dear Parents, you can be sure that your child will exactly be safe in our hands as Lions Youth Exchange Organization. You can apply to any Lions Club in your town to send your child to our Youth Exchange Camp.

Dear Youth, you will be happy in our camp, you will learn many things in our camp. You will visit historical places of West of Turkey, you will travel with the youths who will be participants of our camp from other countries. You will swim, dance and you will strike up the friendships with many youths from other countries. You will enjoy yourself in our Lions 118-T Youth Exchange and Study Tour Around West of Turkey Camp. You should ask your parents to apply a Lions Club in your town to join our camp.

Yours in Lionism,

Sema Yazgan
Lions 118-T YE Co-ordinator
MD118 Country Responsible

( You may find additional info about Mrs. Sema Yazgan at following web page; http://semayazgan.weebly.com/ )